I try to remain connected to the outside world , keeping up to date with the community events and challenges. These are special projects in which I was , more or less, involved.

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INKTOBER  2020 - my first inktober

Finally inktober2020, my first inktober! Every day form october I will post an ink illustration/sketch on the theme already public by the Inktober official site. This must be done using only ink, so here a small challenge regarding media used.


Sketching competition won!

We all had very difficult times during Corona lockdown, many of us still do, and actually the danger is not over for any of us yet. But you know, that was the moment I felt more then ever I am a part of a great community, a community able to make the best of it, to express himself in a wonderful, artistic manner, each one of us in his own style, each unique and exquisite. You don't need to go outside in order to do a great job.

That is why, through sketch challenges , I got to know many of my fellow artists, many of them professionals, others hobby artists like me - and I enjoyed and learned from every one of them. I especially enjoyied the #whatsindahouse challenges, organised by @jesamine_creates, a wonderful artist who took from her personal time to organize all of it and came up with ideas, shared our work and this way got us to know each other. 

The second wave though ment more to me since I got to win the challenge and won a very quality and beautiful sketchbook from @kovalsketchbook, a sketchbook I wished for some time. Jesamine says it is soo good, I will become addictive! Challenge accepted :) I would love to ! I can't wait to!

So thank you again for this opportuniy, can't wait the sketchbook and to fill it with my best possible future sketches!!


Danielaspainting is now a registred mark in Austria!

When I first started @danielaspainting, not so long ago (october 2019), I never thought I will go so far. I started urban sketching to cope witgh a very challengeing time in my life. not to start a career or check some facts on some list. Everything came after so much work, done without a specific purpose, and it was so fullfilling! I thank all the people supporting my art. Now, we are officially a regisered mark in Austria! 


Marina Buening's online course   '5 Tage zeichnen mit Spaß'

        I never had time to take online courses, or as many as I would like . that is why I call myself 'self taught' . This may sound cool, it has its disadvantages though. Very often I wish it was someone to tell me what am I doing wrong, or simply how could I do it better.   So, now, during Corona confinement I have suddenly time for a lot of things on my wish list (thank God something good comes out of this pandemic!). So I found on Facebook an event, a course free of chargefrom Marina Buening. It is so nice of her to work with us for free - so I am going to do this and make the best of it.

 Thank you Marina for doing this !


Mosaik - project from Marina Buening

39 Women form Marina Buening's Facebook page "Entwickle deine kunstlerischen Talente" contributed with one piece of art, in order to create a Mozaik. The purpose is charitable, and the money will be donated to children causes. Thank you Marina Buening for organizing this!

Here is the Mosaik:


The sketchbookproject 2020 : 'My childhood memories: Romania'

This year I participated for the first time to the sketchbookproject initiated by the Brookly Library (you can follow on Instagram #thesketchbookproject2020). I chose 'Romanian- my childhood memories' as a subject. Though a lot of people have heard about Romania, I am not sure how many have the correct image in mind : many see it from Dracula point of view, others from the otherpoint of views.

    Anyway, my intention was to show things that are not visible at the first glance, the fabulous popular costumes, foods, great people. I hope you will like it!

The excitement of unpacking... YEY!

The resulted video

The pages from the sketchbook

Woman's Day 2019 Sedwell Center

This was an exhibit for International Women Day in march 2019 -  my first sold painting ever - and the money gave away for charity.

Christmas 2019 : Sedwell : charity sale

My friend had a stand at the Christmas market in december 2019 and was nice enough to take care of some of my paintings too.