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Sketching competition won!

We all had very difficult times during Corona lockdown, many of us still do, and actually the danger is not over for any of us yet. But you know, that was the moment I felt more then ever I am a part of a great community, a community able to make the best of it, to express himself in a wonderful, artistic manner, each one of us in his own style, each unique and exquisite. You don't need to go outside in order to do a great job.

That is why, through sketch challenges , I got to know many of my fellow artists, many of them professionals, others hobby artists like me - and I enjoyed and learned from every one of them. I especially enjoyied the #whatsindahouse challenges, organised by @jesamine_creates, a wonderful artist who took from her personal time to organize all of it and came up with ideas, shared our work and this way got us to know each other.

The second wave though ment more to me since I got to win the challenge and won a very quality and beautiful sketchbook from @kovalsketchbook. a sketchbook I wished for some time. Jesamine says it is soo good, I will become addicitve! Challenge accepted :) I would love to ! I can't wait to!

So thank you again for this opportuniy, can't wait the sketchbook and to fill it with my best possible future sketches!!

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