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Second advent: playing with Sarah Löcker's "Workshop in a box"

Normally, when I want to try something new I go the "hard way" : I look for tutorials, gather all the info about tools, TODOs, books. But sometimes you are not sure you like something, and to spend so much time researching something I might not like didn't appeal to me. So I decided to go for a change "the easy way" - and I am so happy I did it! When Sarah Löcker put it all together : how to create your own stamp, I thought: Now, this is a fun way to spend an evening - doing something new and fun and with all the materials needed in one place, plus all instructions how to do it !

Didn't expect though to convince my husband to join me :) but this was a nice surprise for me and for him : he didn't expect himself to have so much fun! So what can I say : Sarah convinced us and she can definitely put us on the waiting list for future ideas/ boxes.


The package arrived really soon, in a day, and was nicely pack and containing, as promised, all the tools needed for the process. It contained even two pads for an extra stamp ( or a "second chance pad" if I did something wrong, which was my fear it would happen!)

I chose a model to transform in a stamp. My idea was to chose something general, not so Christmas related, withn the plan to use it on my own postal cards , so a clover seemed appropriate. Now, I draw it on paper, and then on the stamp pad. If I would do something different, I would make it biger, because it was later challenging ( for my eyes, in the evening ) to carve it. But it turned out really fine, and now I have even more material for another stamp. :)

Carving was really fun and not at all difficult as predicted. The material was smooth and reliable and turned out, it was not much you cand do wrong here, so the success is guaranteed - so what if my leaf has one extra vein for example?

After carving I could already test it. That is when I saw the flaws - where should I carve more because of the extra ink spots arround my leaf.

So this was it - a really nice way to spend a holiday evening with my husband, doing something we don't normaly do, which amplified the holiday feeling. So I reccommend Sarah's "Workshop in a box" totaly!

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