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Mosaik paint is here!

I mentioned before Marina Buening, I followed two of her courses , and I am a member of her Facebook group "Entwickle deine künstlerische Talente". Marina is helping us, the more or less experimented "artists" or aspiring artist to rich our potential, to dream big and develop better versions o ourself.

During Corona lockdown, a group of 39 women , me included, performed a piece of art (watercolor, acrylic, pencil, everyone after its own preferences) illustrating something positive resulted in Corona crisis . Every art piece was put together in a big Mosaik, used to raise charity fonds for Kinder in Not organisation. I find Marina's initiative really impressive : it was a small effort for us, and so big difference for the organisation. And the art pieces - wonderful, every single one of them!

Thank you Marina, proud to be a part of this!

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