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Custom color palettes

I always enjoy buying watercolor products, as I said before, this is a whole other hobby, which I enjoy just as much. At some point, like now, when the nature is so green, even though I am not a landscape artist, I just need lots of tones and shades. And as I draw a lot on location, it's just more comfortable to have already lots of tones instead of creating it on location. So I just thought useful to create my "green" palette, which contains also shades from yellow to brown. As I intend to take it with me, I needed to be small and compact. This is how I decided to destroy a make up case :) which I didn't use as much as my watercolors anyways! Here the result:

And of course I needed one for my general colors;

So speaking of my watercolors, here they are:( and right next to it, my ink collection)

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