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Senior software engineer

Self thought artist

living in Eggersdorf bei Graz, Austria

Who am I , Daniela ?         

I liked drawing in school, I was even a member of a drawing club. Growing up though, I let the artistic side of me sink, studying economics and after that, mathematics and informatics. 

       Two years ago, in 2018, in a very delicate and lifechanging moment in my life,  I started painting again - acrylic, as a means to fight stress and to disconnect. I started painted in acrylic, continuing in september 2019 with urban sketching - witch I like the most. 

      I try to draw every single day, in order to became better that 'yesterday me' and to remain true to myself. I like to experiment different materials and styles and yes, not always successfull. But it is ok, this is how we learn and I like the journey as much as the destination!


 I hope you will  like my work . Follow me on Instagram to be kept up to date!


Who is danielaspainting?

       Danielaspainting is an expression of my own frustrations, desperations in a very dark moment of my life.

         I created it intentionally with no connection with my personal Instagram account, in order to have no bound to 'Daniela',  and obtain no Likes out of nepotism or sympathy. The 'LIKE' thing is so out of control lately , that so many fake relations and fake reactions make me sick and makes me want to hide, just to obtain a single , just a single real one instead of no-value-100 likes!

      I didn't expect 1000 folowers in one year, nor to be so persistent in learning a completly new domain. So, if you want to see a preview of danielaspainting's really exciting and full of events 2020 , watch the video below. It won't be boring, I hope!

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